How To: Moving and Staying Organized

This weekend I am moving to a new apartment! As I start to pack it is very overwhelming. How do you move everything efficiently and not loose or ruin anything? In addition, I have so many things that I should get rid of to make it easier on myself. Here are some tips to make your move as painless as possible:

1. Use this opportunity to go through your clothes and get rid of things. Summer is ending and if you didn’t wear some of your warm weather clothes all summer they aren’t worth keeping around for next summer.

2. If you are have the room or time to do multiple trips, keep your clothes on the hangers and just pile them into your car. No one wants to sort through a bag of hangers and wrinkled clothes if they don’t have to.

3. If you need to fold a large amount of clothes roll them instead of fold them. Not only does it prevent wrinkles but its quicker.

4. If you do not have a jewelry organizer like this one, buy one! I keep it hanging in my closet and literally roll it up each time I move.

5. I love having bins to throw scarfs and bags in, and when it comes to moving it makes everything quick and easy! I swear by the bins from Target like this one. They are ready to be thrown in your car and add color to your room year round.


My favorite part about moving is decorating the new space! I ALWAYS dedicate one wall to new magazine pages that add new inspiration for the upcoming year. ❤


Body Chains: Will You Jump on the Chain Train?

I am in love with the newest jewelry trend, body chains! There are many different styles and they can be worn over shirts, dresses, or swim suits. This body chain is versatile and is made of gorgeous brass. il_570xN.386388745_3c3i

Here is another style that I love!


They are so delicate and feminine ❤ Would you actually wear one or are they just fun to look at?


The Selfie Series V

Today I decided to try some brightly colored eye shadow. I am amazed at how easy it is to get a bright color that is fairly durable with eye shadow primer as a base. My bright blue and gold eye shadow is not a very high quality but my Simply Vera eye primer makes any eye shadow amazing. I am wearing a new Rock & Republic necklace and a bright blue and orange blouse.

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Sara Lichti: Style Guru, College Fashionista

I am excited to announce that I will be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista fall quarter at UC Davis! I will be writing posts every friday on accessories found on the Davis campus. I can not wait to interact with students and improve my writing. In a few weeks my first post will be a self bio. Here are a few pictures I took this weekend for the post:

1150655_573420829363838_780193676_o 1085085_573420246030563_2041938642_o

I can’t wait to share what I find and learn with everyone! Make sure to follow me on twitter for updates on my posts throughout the quarter.

BCBG Trip! 8/11

Yesterday I went to BCBG and found a few items that I fell in love with! All of these items were apart of their summer collections but I felt that they could also be made into fall staples. I love the idea of skirts, like the one on the bottom, with tights and boots for fall. I usually am not a big fan of high low skirts but the black one that I found is shear and falls beautifully! So much fun!

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Hot Item- Cutout Boots

I am in love with the cutout boots from Nasty Gal! This boot specifically is glorious!


These are a staple for fall paired with tights, leggings, or a sassy skirt and sweater combo. There are a few variations of this boot at and many other designers have cutout boots out now, like this Jeffrey Campbell beauty. While you are waiting for fall, try these boots with a pair of patterned shorts and a fun tank. What would you wear these boots with?

Fit N' Fresh

The Origins of ‘Blog’ Answered!

So where did the word ‘blog’ come from?

    • The first blog was created in 1994, though no one called it that initially.

    • Blogging comes from the term ‘web logging’, was shortened to ‘weblog’, and shortened even further to ‘blog’.

    • So we are logging the web.

This January 2014 it will be the 20th anniversary of blogging! What would be an appropriate celebration? Check out this article for more info on the origins of blogging!


The Origins of ‘Blog’

This morning I realized that I did not know the origins of the word ‘blog’. I thought that was silly so I looked it up. Do most people know the origins? I am very curious! Answer this poll and then I will create another post sharing my findings!